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Detect your organizations data leaks


Data leaks

A data leak or breach can inflict major financial and operational damages to your organization. Consequences of a breach or leak can be for example: the exposing of company secrets/IP, customer data leaking or an ongoing disruption of your operations.

Reputation loss

In addition to financial and operational damages, reputation loss can lead to long lasting effects to your operations. As a result, you may lose the trust of your customers and partners.


In the event of a data breach or leak, it is critical to be able to detect it quickly.
With a quick response, you can minimize the damages inflicted upon your organization.

Full service

The Asset tracker service enables you to track your organizations sensitive data and find out if your data has leaked to the internet. Tracking this information enables quick response and helps minimize damages. When we know what has leaked, we can help isolate and fix weaknesses in your security.
The service has been on the market since 2016 and it is constantly updated and improved with the help of our customers.

The service also helps organizations to fulfill the requirement of notifying affected parties in the event of a data breach, as outlined in the GDPR.

Easy to use

The service has been designed to be as easy as possible for the end user.

From the easy-to-use web interface, you can see the assets being monitored, add new assets to be monitored and analyze any matches that have been found. All findings are reported to you in whatever way you desire.

Assets, or information related to the organization can be for example: email addresses, IP addresses, domain names or payment card information.

No installation

The service is started with a kickoff meeting where we help you decide what assets could be monitored.

After this, we activate the monitoring on your assets and give you access to the browser-based web interface for all necessary personnel.

Can detect for example

Customer information

If customer information has been leaked

Payment card information

If payment card information has been leaked

Sensitive company information

If sensitive company information has been leaked

Domain names

If lookalike domain names have been registered

How to get started


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Starting the service

We add your assets for monitoring and deliver the credentials to access the web interface.

The Asset Tracker service is comparable to an insurance. The occurrence of matches varies by organization, but when a leaked asset is found, a notification of it is highly valuable. After this, we can help locate and fix your organizations security weaknesses.


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