The USBguard is a compact device that can be taken with you to where you need it


Unknown USB

If your USB storage device happens to be infected by malware, you subject everyone else to the risk of infection by plugging your device into any other machines. When files are transferred using the USBguard, both users can choose the file(s) to be transferred, and no other files will accidentally be transferred.
The USBguard has antivirus software integrated and a possibility to remove malicious files to make a USB drive usable again.


BadUSB turns a USB storage drive into a serious security risk. A BadUSB is made by reprogramming a USB storage device, after which the device can for example act as a keyboard and input commands to a computer as soon as the drive is connected. If the USBguard detects a BadUSB device, it prevents further action and displays a message to the user, prompting to remove the device.
The USBguard will always alert the user if the attached USB device is anything other than a mass storage device.

USB killer

A USB killer is usually an ordinary looking USB drive that is designed to destroy a computer or it’s components by delivering high voltage power surges to the device. If the attached USB device would be a USB killer, it is better that the USBguard is damaged instead of your computer.
Replacing a damaged USBguard device for a new one is included in the USBguard service.


Full Service

The USBguard is a Finnish service designed to protect against threats related to USB storage devices. The USBguard service is based on a yearly license that includes:

  • USBguard devices
  • Device maintenance and updates
  • Antivirus product license
  • Device warranty
  • BadUSB attack protection
  • USB killer protection
  • Technical product support
  • Management interface

The USBguard can also scan CD/DVD discs with an external USB reader.

Easy to use

The device has been designed to be easy to use for the end user.

The touchscreen assists the user with clear instructions. The software also contains a user manual that can be accessed from the main screen. The language chooser button enables toggling the language between Finnish and English. More languages can be added on demand, please let us know if you need other languages!

USBguard devices automatically fetch antivirus updates and software updates when they are connected to the internet.

Management interface

The USBguard service includes access to the management interface that can be accessed with a browser. From the interface, you can monitor the status of your USBguard devices and make sure that they are up to date.

The management interface also displays all BadUSB or malware alerts from devices.

Management server

As an additional service, you can purchase a customized virtual USBguard management server. With the management server you can monitor and update multiple USBguard devices.
The management server is beneficial for organizations who have multiple USBguard devices deployed across many locations or want to have the USBguard devices contained in their internal network.


Customer specific customizations are possible as an additional service.


You can explore the USBguard device with the 3D model below

USBguard device functions

File listing

Browse files and delete files


Antivirus scanning and BadUSB detection


Safe file transfers between USB storage devices


Securely erase and format USB storage devices

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