We focus on advanced cybersecurity solutions

Prevention of damage

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Up-to-date information on emerging threats


Mobile USB security solution


Detection service for
targeted attacks

Asset/GDPR Tracker

Monitoring an organizations sensitive data

When the damage is already done

Incident Response

To the rescue in a security incident

Malware analysis

Finding out what a malicious program does


Investigating data breaches

Additional security services


Map out and improve your cybersecurity readiness


Maintain the ability of your staff to recognize and react to incidents

Reverse engineering

Reconstruct a program without source code


Security testing for control systems

What we do, and don't do

Challenging cybersecurity problems

We help our customers with more challenging cybersecurity problems and offer services such as penetration testing, malware analysis, forensic investigation, detection and prevention of targeted attacks, customized training on challenging security issues etc..

Not everything for everyone

We focus on our specialized knowledge and area, and do not offer everything for everyone. We offer auditing and consulting services related to more challenging cybersecurity problems. In a nutshell: We offer those security services that others do not. When you need a specialist, Fitsec is the right partner for you!

Our modus operandi

Customer centric

Our customers are central to everything we do. Our role is to solve complex cybersecurity problems facing our customers. We tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each customer and are truly committed to helping our customers succeed. We focus on building relationships, not just individual transactions.

The only constant is change
Don't drop out!

Cybersecurity threats evolve at an amazing speed. To keep up with the ever changing threat landscape, we monitor developments in the security field, study malware and follow up threats on an on-going basis. As we are constantly developing our skills, we can always offer our customers the latest expertise in cybersecurity.


By working together, we can build on the individual skills of all our eperts and thus ensure high quality work. In each project, we share our knowledge and join forces to achieve a common goal.

Agility and customization

We tailor our services to meet the requirements of each individual customer and make sure that the end results are pleasing to both parties. We operate and serve our customers with agility in mind, whatever the situation.


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