We focus on advanced cybersecurity solutions


We started operation in 2009 with a goal to provide completely Finnish cyber security services with a strong focus on preventing and detecting targeted attacks. Over the years, we have developed innovative cyber security products to complement our services, always focusing on our customers actual needs.

When founding the company, we noticed that the cyber security landscape is going more towards targeted attacks and we decided to take on the challenge. It is more efficient to focus on detecting and preventing targeted attacks over other generic malware because targeted attacks are the most dangerous threats to business continuity.

Since the beginning, we have had a strong focus on customizing our products and services to meet our customers individual needs. This is especially appreciated amongst our customers.

Our values


We want to continue being the most versatile experts of targeted attacks in Finland and a loyal cyber security partner for our customers, offering fully Finnish expertise.


An agile cyber security partner with Finnish expertise.


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